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THEMA: Residenzpflicht
ORT: Berlin
ZEIT: 17.-19. Mai 2001
Protest March
Freedom of movement for refugees
on 17.-19. Mai 2001 in Berlin

We Demand the Immediate and Unconditional Abolition of German Apartheid Residential Restriction and the Obligation Laws "Landkreis-Residenzpflichtgesetz" against the Refugees in Germany!
We protest against the permanent controls and the persecution of refugees by the German authorities, the politicians and the Legislation responsible.
Movement is our (my) individual and fundamental Right!
Join the Civil Disobedience!

In a democratic land the only reason for state authorities control and monitoring of persons is to keep the peace and to protect other members of the society. Such a control should be done on the base of the constitution without prejudice of origin, religion, colour or race of the controlled person. The reality in Germany is another.

Refugees in Germany are victims of the "Residenzpflichtgesetz", a system of residential restriction like the Apartheid in the former racist South Africa. Also Germany has its Pass Law. It is for Refugees forbidden to move free in Germany. They are not allowed to leave the local district where they are confined as habitation places. They must live in the refugee homes, often in isolated areas and in the woods. These laws in reality put migrants under segregating police controls. These controls are run on the base of the external differences between migrant people and the white German majority.

The Freedom of movement is non-negotiable and should be protected by each democratic society as the foundation of the development of the human personality.

Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that Germany is a signatory states: Every human being has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each nation... We (I) therefore strongly protest this police control restricting freedom of movement as an act of discrimination and total disregard of human dignity and human rights, like the Pass Laws of the Apartheid Era in South Africa. The residential restriction Law is the base for racist motivated selective police enforcements; based on "race", body colour, religion and nationality, which is not only unconstitutional and uncivilised but endangered the refugees, the general insecurity of the refugees and the migrants in Germany are forcefully executed by the authorities.

This police control restricting movement of the refugees without a crime, is an act of intentionally inflicting severe pain of physical and mental suffering, instigated by the state institutions, intimidating and destroying personal development, constituting deliberate cruelty, inhuman and degrading treatment; For which the state officials are protected when they do not permit the freedom of movement ensuring Institutionalised Racism, violating data protection laws by investigating the privacy of persons including Germans who associate with the refugees and migrants. They do that accordingly to a law, which forbids the refugees' individual right of free movement.

These police controls are made criminal by the forceful fingerprinting and photography leading to an opening of a criminal file according to the German-Foreigners law-(AuslG) article 36 and the German law governing asylum application(AsylVFG) article 56. The state prosecution for freedom of movement brings about state and police brutality by battering and stripping-off, putting fingers into the mouth and anus that sometimes lead to police murder.

This apartheid residential restriction -Obligation Pass law "Residenzpflichtgesetz" makes a refugee an open suspect without being a criminal that leads to racist detentions without crime according to (article 59 of the German law governing asylum application-AsylVFG). A repeated violation of this apartheid residential restriction -obligation "Pass law" exposes the refugee to a jail term of up to one year, at the discretion of the state authorities by (Article 85 No.2, and Article 59 of the law governing asylum application-AsylVG). You may be fined as much as 5000DM according to article 86 of the German asylum law (AsylVFG) for the violation of the Apartheid residential restriction -Obligation "pass law" and if the fine cannot be paid by the refugee who gets meagre 80DM per month, he or she is slave worked as punishment for the fine. This is exploitation that is repressive and prohibited by the United Nations declaration of human rights Articles 4,5,6,9,13 and 14.

With this criminalization controls we are (I am) treated as potential criminals or murderers, a refugee could be lawfully detained and put into custody awaiting deportation for 18 months without having committed a crime as regulated in Article 57 of the German-foreigners law (AuslG) and Article 59 of the law governing asylum application (AsylVFG). Are we (Am I) as travellers equal to murderers in Germany? We (I) protest racist control, arrest, detention and the institutionalised racism.

Germans often forgot or ignored the fact that they benefited more than other countries from international asylum rights - first in the Nazi-Era, when many German people searched for asylum all over the world, the second time after World War Two, when even guilty Nazi people obtained asylum rights in foreign countries including the countries of the refugees and migrants of today under the protection of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Right. But how is the situation now in Germany? The German reality is the political destruction of the individual and fundamental asylum rights for refugees and migrants, of which the German society must be reminded of their historical duty against destruction!

The German state global politics of refugee repression is in continuous escalation and collaboration with the fascists, dictators and the corrupt regime in the refugees' countries.

We (I) protest, calling for the immediate abolition of the Apartheid Residential Restriction -Obligation Pass Law "Residenzpflichtgesetz" which exist only in Germany since 1982. Our protest against the discrimination of refugees is part of our(my) political engagement for the continuation of our (my) political struggle for human freedom in exile, as our (my) right to freedom of opinion, expression and association regardless of frontiers is also restricted, in violation of Articles 13, 19, 20, 27 and 29 of the universal declaration of human rights which Germany ratified.

For any compromise with the restriction of the individual right of movement and the confinement of refugees, are political corruption, discrimination and gross human right abuse.

We (I) appeal against this control forbidding our (my) individual and fundamental right to move, forbidding our (my) right to live, for movement is life and freedom for liberty in an expected democratic state.

Stop enforcing racial laws. There is one-humanity and it cannot be divided by anyone or the German state.
It is time now for civil disobedience! Break the Apartheid Residential Restriction Obligation "Pass Law"!
Free Movement is Our Right! Germany is not safe for Refugees!
17-19.May 2001 Protest March and Demonstrations in Berlin
Abolish Residential Restriction -Obligation "Pass Law" (Landkreis-Residenzpflichtgesetz): Law governing asylum applications (Asylverfahrensgesetz) Article 56 and German-Foreigners' Law (Ausländergesetz) Article 36 against the Freedom of movement for refugees in Germany.

Die Karawane for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants in Germany

Campaign Co-ordination: The VOICE Africa Forum, Refugee Human Right Group, Schillergäßchen 5, 07745 Jena-Thueringen Tel.:0049(0)3641/665214, 423794, Fax:03641/423795,420270. Mobilfunk+49(0)175/3267398, 0170/4750618. E-mail:The_VOICE_Jena@gmx.de.
In collaboration with: Brandenburg Refugees Initiative, Eisenhartstr. 13, 14469 Potsdam
Solidarity Donation: "Berlin Residenzpflichtgesetz Protest" Bank Account: No.:0231633905,BLZ.:86010090 PostBank Leipzig
Iinternet-Information: http://www.freespeech.org/inter/residenz http://www.umbruch-bildarchiv.de
Berliner Vorbereitungsbündnis c /o Antirassistische Initiative, Yorckstr. 59, 10965 Berlin, Tel. 0 30-785 72 81, Fax 030-786 99 84, E-mail ari@ipn.de

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