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THEMA: Studentsprotests in Ambazonia/french Cameroon
ORT: University of
ZEIT: 14. Mai 2005
BILDMAPPE: Ablage im Bildarchiv/ 8524 \

Police fired on Students in Ambazonia

Since the 27th of April 2005, students at the university of Buea (Ambazonia) have been on strike. On the 28th April 2005 the paramilitary police forces of French Cameroon swooped down on students brutalizing, maiming, arresting, shooting two students dead an other reportedly died later from internal bleeding.
After killing two students on the 27th of April by using life ammunition to shoot at peacefully demonstrating student, despite the fact that the law in this country does not permit the using of life ammunition to restore order, the police fired life ammunition yesterday on students again. This time one person was killed and six others seriously injured.
This time the students were having a sit-in strike as they have been having since the 26th april. Then the governor showed-up with police officers and told the students they most go to class right away. When the students refused the governor ordered the cobs to disperse the students. The police started firing tear gas and some other chemicals in special canisters. Then water canons and later they started firing grenades at the students who were responding with stones. In the end the police started using life ammunition to shoot at the students. (continue below with parts of a letter of Ambazonia Students Association)

Wähle mit der Maus ein Dia aus
Fotos: Indymedia Ambazonia
(weitere: halte Maus auf Dias)
students uni area (Foto: Indymedia Ambazonia #1186b) Troops armed with trancheons and students armed with placards (Foto: Indymedia Ambazonia #1186c) students blocking traffic (Foto: Indymedia Ambazonia #1186d) cobs attacking students with water cannons few meter from the mortuary (Foto: Indymedia Ambazonia #1186e) cobs van that the students burnt to the ground (Foto: Indymedia Ambazonia #1186f) the students manged to burn a police truck and two other cars  (Foto: Indymedia Ambazonia #1186g) Students booing at the heavily armed cobs who had just shot their mates (Foto: Indymedia Ambazonia #1186h) He was shot in the back and the bull tore throught the front of his hand (Foto: Indymedia Ambazonia #1186i) This victim was shot in the stomach. He was just from a major operation  (Foto: Indymedia Ambazonia #1186j)
Letter of Ambazonia Students Association (ASA) University of Buea

" (...) The reasons for the strike includes:
1- Being part of a nation-wide protest against attempts by the Minister of Higher Education to raise fees at state universities by 100%.

2-To request for the university of Buea to build toilets within the school so one can ease themselves in the campus if they have to. Since the opening of the university some 12years ago there have been no functioning toilets in the campus.

3-To request for water points in the campus so that one could have a drink of water if one is thirsty without having to buy from a shop. Strangely the shops in campus are owned by senior officials in the administration, the same people to decide on the construction of water points.

4-To request the replacement of our vice-chancellor, as our present vice-chancellor has repeatedly voilated our rights as students by banning the students' union and setting up such an autocratic administrative structure that has left students angry and frustrated for lack of the possibility to express their rights as students elsewhere do.

The above points and others which for lack of space cannot be included here were reasons for our strike. Unfortunately the Registrar of the university who has been part of this oppressive administration called the police to disrupt our strike. In the event two students were shot death just because we wanted to march to the governor to lodge our complains.
Close to 20 days since the murder in cold blood of our mates, the government and the school administration are doing every thing to down play the painful loss of our mates. The government has not made any apologies for the incidents. All they have done is set-up a commission of inquiry. Experience has shown that Commisions of inquires in this country have always ended-up covering-up for the government than throwing light on the issues for which they were formed. Besides there is a clear legal provision that prohibits forces from using life bullets in an attempt to restore order. But all of that is totally being ignored while the murderers of our mates allowed to roam in freedom. On the side of the university, the Vice-chancellor thinks so low about us that even with the death of our mates in this incident she has refused to hold any negotiations with us on the issues that led to the strike in the first
place. Rather she sent a communique over national radio calling for all the students to come back to school that classes will start and that we all will have to sign an undertaking of good conduct before we resume classes kind of trying to some how make us responsible for the unfortunate incident.
We already have news that in the last administrative meeting of the May 4th 2005 She practically held us responsible for the incidents. And as was the case in 1995 we know she is looking for the student leaders so as to hold them personally responsible for everything and then dismiss them from the university.

In these circumstances, we believe the only way to get some justice is for us to plead for solidarity from all freedom and justice loving peoples and governments around the world to send messages on this issue to the president of Cameroon, Mr.Paul Biya to use his high office and intervene in this matter.
While looking to hearing from you, Accept Sirs/Ladies.
Our deepest Regards.
Ambazonia Students Association (ASA) University of Buea"

p.s .Look for reports of the previous happenings in www.ambazonia.indymedia.org

you could send your fax for the president of Cameroon through the closest embassy to you.

Please do not forget to copy us so we can inform our fellow students of how much foreign support we are getting.
Which is very necessary for us at the moment as a moral boaster. our fax contact in the US is ASA c/o ALIP US Branch
fax: fax: 001952-922-9393

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